• US.org Sold For $45,000
  • PI.org Sold For $40,000
  • WV.org Sold For $38,000
  • NO.org Sold For $37,000
  • WE.org Sold For $36,500
  • FL.org Sold For $33,000
  • CV.org Sold For $30,000


Join the ranks of the follwing brands that operate on a two-letter dot org.


Alcoholics Anonymous


Associated Press


Green Party


United Way

Benefits of Ownership


Trust & Credibility

The .ORG domain name extension is one of the Internet's original top-level domains. Reputed to be the most-trusted domain extension, according to a CARAVAN Omnibus domain consumer survey in 2011, large corporations, non-profits, special interest groups and even SMBs can benefit from leveraging .ORG domain names to strengthen their brand message world-wide.

A large majority of all respondents (90%) associate a .ORG web address with the words "non-profit," "trusted," "exclusive," or a combination of all three.

Branding & Marketing

You establish trust with a .ORG, but you establish your organization as a global force with a premium domain name. There are only 676 possible two-letter .ORG domain names and all of them were taken more than a decade ago. Once acquired by an organization, it is unlikely to ever be available again.

A short domain name is memorable and proven to be more effective in delivering customers/donors to your website when used in TV, print, and radio advertising. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing campaign you can have an online presence that really turns heads.


About the Domain

'96 Year Created
17 Years Old
2 Domain Length
ORG Extension

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